Is this box for me?
If you love the idea of your fruit and vegetables being picked and packed by a local farmer hours before consumption and are excited about the idea of discovering a range of new produce to experiment with in the kitchen then our boxes are for you. Unlike vegetables that you purchase in the supermarket, expect to find produce that’s in a range of shapes and sizes and often covered with a good spread of our signature Captains Creek volcanic soil.

What is in the box each week?
What comes in the box will vary each week, depending on what is in season and what looks and tastes good. We update the website and send out an email every Thursday afternoon to give you an idea of what will be in the box for the following week so you have an idea of what to expect. Please Note: Box contents can change last minute due to variations in ripening times.

Can I customise my fruit and veggie box?
Because we source our products from the farm depending on what’s seasonal, we don’t permit box variations. Our farm is family run and we are able to keep our box prices affordable by offering a single standard box. If you’re worried about particular fruit or veggies going to waste, we recommend offering them to a friend, neighbour or work colleague.

What are the quantities of fruit and vegetables in each box?
We offer one standard size box which includes up to 12kg of tasty organic produce. This should be enough to feed a family or an avid veggie consumer for a week.

Do I have to order every week?
No. Our service is flexible, you can order whenever you wish. If you do want to order each week and don't want the hassle of logging in to our website or just keep forgetting to order, you can become a regular customer and we will deliver you a box automatically. A reminder email will be sent each week prior to the cut off time.

Why do Brunswick and Footscray boxes cost more?
Our farm is approximately 1.5 hours drive from Melbourne so the deliveries to Brunswick and Footscray factor this into the price. We still think you will be hard pressed to find a box of certified organic produce of this quantity and quality elsewhere.

When do I need to have my order in by?
For Saturday pickup in Brunswick and Footscray, the cut off time is WEDNESDAY 8:00PM.

For Wednesday pickup in Castlemaine, Daylesford, Ballarat and Blampied, the cut off time is MONDAY 8:00PM.

You don't deliver to my area is there any chance you will?
If we currently do not deliver to your area, please let us know that you are interested in using our service, even if we do not currently have a pickup point near you.

I am late in placing my order can I still receive it?
We will try and accommodate. Please call phone Steph on 0438 847 525 and we may be able to squeeze you in if we haven't yet picked the quantities required.

Can I set up a standing order?
Yes, by setting up a standing order you become a regular subscriber.

How do I know it is genuine organic products?
Captains Creek is a certified organic retailer with the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA Certification No: 3082). This means we are adhering to strict standards when selling organic products and fresh produce.

Will you recycle the box?
Yes. Please feel free to drop off your empty box at the pickup address and we will collect it when we deliver the new veggie boxes.

What if I am not happy with an order?
If you are not satisfied with your order, please phone us so that we can resolve your concerns.

What forms of payment do you take?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bank Transfer or Paypal.

How can I make suggestions for new products or better services?
We are always open to hear suggestions for more products or how we can improve our service. You can either contact us via the website or phone Steph on 0438 847 525.

Can I make my order over the phone instead of online?
Shopping online for Brunswick and Footscray pickup is the quickest, safest and most convenient way of ordering your groceries with Captains Creek Organic Farm. It can be done anytime of the day or night. However, if you wish to phone your order through to us you are very welcome to do so. Please call Steph on 0438 847 525 and have your credit card details ready.