Captains Creek Organic Farm - Est. 1909

Captains Creek rises on our farm at Blampied, at the foot of the Kangaroo Hills, and meanders north past the original homestead of Captain Hepburn. Five generations of the May family have run the 80 hectare farm for more than 100 years since it was purchased by Joseph May in 1909.

Over this time, its red volcanic soils have been cultivated for many uses. Our grandfather Maurice, who came home at age fourteen to work the farm with his father George, grew mixed cereals, hay, beef cattle and dairy cows until he died in 2012, aged 87.

Today, Rod, his two brothers and their families manage the farm. Rod started the transition to organic farming in the 1980s, leading the way in reducing use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We have since established tree-crops of chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, and apples, plus native trees and shrubs to provide shade and shelter for livestock.

Further diversification into potatoes, carrots, beetroot, parsnip, sweet corn, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbages, lettuce, plums and much more has occurred on a seasonal basis. In 1985, Captains Creek became one of the first commercial farms to be certified “organic” with the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia.